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Low carb diets have been around for quite some time; in fact the low carb diets became trendy in 19th century first. Atkins Nutritional Approach and South Beach diet are two of the most distinct low carb diets.

Low carb diets, what are those? The low carb diet is based on the idea that if your diet consists of very little carbohydrates, there will be a reduction in how much insulin your body produces. The purpose of low carb diets is to make your body burn fat as its main source of energy.

When eating on a low carb diet your body uses fat as its main energy source, and ketone bodies are produced. They fuel parts of the body that are unable to use fat as an energy source (the brain and red blood cells for example).

If you are on a low carb diet, you will cut out nearly all carbs in your diet. So low carb diets will actually increase the amount of fat and protein you eat. You will be restricted from eating things like pasta, bread, rice and any food that is high in carbs, when you are on a low carb diet. What will you usually be eating on a low carb diet; a lot of meat, salads and cheese.

Most people who go on a low carb diet will lose weight and do so quickly. But in many cases people lose mostly water weight and muscle tissue. You need to lose fat if you are really going to keep the weight off. If you want to keep the weight off for good, you need lean muscle tissue to burn calories and fat. This is very important to maintain your weight after the low carb diet.

Are low carb diets safe? Many experts say they are not. You need a well balanced diet to stay healthy. Some phases of low carb diets seriously restrict even your fruit and vegetable intake. Also, on low carb diets, you are eating more fats. Eating a lot of fat is not healthy and can result in high cholesterol and other health problems.

The best approach to losing weight is to eat a balanced diet. You need to make healthy choices for life. Do not look for a quick fix or rapid weight loss. Eat foods that are high in sugar and fat in moderation. Our bodies need some fat and they also need some carbohydrates as well as fruits and vegetables. Exercise is also can important part of weight loss. The low carb diets are a fad but may not be the safest or best weight loss approach.

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