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Our Carb Counter is an online carbohydrate nutritional calculator designed to help you find the carb content of popular foods and beverages. Our carb counter database has the carbohydrate content of over 6000 different foods and drinks. The carb counter can be useful for those on low carb diets. Our carb counter was intended not only for people on a diet, but also for anyone willing to know the carbohydrate content of the foods they eat daily.
The Carb Counter displays the food carb content in grams per 100 grams. For example, the carb counter will tell you that the carbohydrate content of the Raw Bananas is 22.84 grams, meaning that in every 100 grams banana, there will be 22.84 grams of carbs.
The carbohydrate content information found on the Carb Counter page was compiled by USDA.

The information found on our Carb Counter pages, does not offer medical advice. Feel free to use our carb counter, but always consult a licensed medical doctor before going on a diet or changing your eating habits.

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